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A psychological thriller about a girl trapped in a box. Her only access to the outside world is through her phones social media apps.

Please read below before playing:


Created in Twine, only playable using Chrome browser (may work in Mozilla. Does not work in IE.)

Not mobile (Android, iOS etc) compatible 


Sound: Sometimes the sound does not start on the title screen. Sound is an important element of the game. To fix this problem just refresh the title screen page (may take several tries- can take up to half a minute to load all sound). If it still doesn't load any sound you may have to exit the game and open it up again from your computer's download folder. The sound is hosted on a website, therefore it takes time to stream. Sorry I could not fix this issue. 

There is no save option- the game can be finished in around 20 minutes. 

About #SaveJessica:

Originally the game was developed by five people from the University of East London for a games jam. However, the project was not completed within the 48 hour deadline. The concept was inevitably left to stagnant. After I graduated from UEL I decided to work on it as a portfolio piece to showcase my narrative skills, as I am applying for a games writer position. 

I devised the concept of the game, which derives from the up-rise in the use of social media; highlighting it's positive and negative aspects- but never forcing either aspect on the player. The game allows the player to judge the position and importance of social media within our society, based on their own morals. 

#SaveJessica is a short, relatively linear narrative experience. I would appreciate any (constructive) feedback. 

I would have preferred to have made this game in something like Unity, which allows players to play on an Android phone or tablet, ultimately giving the player a more authentic experience, one that imitates the feel of the game itself. Unfortunately I'm a novice programmer, and therefore chose Twine to make my first game in as I heard it is a relatively easy piece of software to use. The narrative is the main focus of the experience, which is why it's being used as a portfolio piece to demonstrate my writing skills to any companies I apply for. 

I hope you enjoy.


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